Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cold Play

It's FREEZING in our neck of the woods, but the little girls did not let that stop them from enjoying their swing set. (Can you see Sage is wearing a princess dress under her snow coat?)


Anonymous said...

Oh that is too cute. It's cold as heck here too. We are up to at least 5 inches. Maybe more not sure. I am loving that I work from home when it's like this. I took my kitty out in the snow today, he loves the snow. Have a great day, keep warm!

Lovinclaydolls said...

Kitties in the snow are fun! He probably enjoyed it more than Sadie. I spent a half hour getting all her snowclothes on today and took her out and she just cried. She didn't like that the snow had a crust on it. Our one cat used to enjoy sledding with my son, but I haven't seen him try it this year yet.