Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Teddy Bear House

The Teddy Bear Family has moved into one of my old dollhouses. The wallpaper is peeling and there are a few repairs to be done, but they love the charm and character of the old house!
I have decided that it's a wonderful place for my teddies to live while they wait to be adopted : )
Look for more pictures soon. This is a big old house with many rooms and the Teddies will have a lot things to keep them busy!


Debbie said...

Your Teddies look very happy there..
Mini Hugs

Anonymous said...

I am still trying to find the perfect dollhouse to make. I so need to find one as Emmie and Joshua are anxiously waiting for a home. They have their brothers and sisters to play with and they hang out on the hutch happily but they want a room to play in. Someday....someday! On that note, had to say OMG I love your bears and I love the setting they are in. How cute. And can't wait till a bear is up for the adopting, I know Emmie and Joshua and the whole gang would love a bear to play with.

Lovinclaydolls said...

Thanks Lindsey, I wish you lived closer. I have enough to share!!

Sometimes people are looking to sell or give away dollhouses. Maybe you could advertise on Craigs list or the paper that you are looking for one? I got mine from someone local who was downsizing their collection.

What size bears are you looking for?

Lovinclaydolls said...

ps. Thank you Debbie!!

Anonymous said...

Mainly the mini size for my babies. Not sure why I forget about Craigslist..I'll check that out. Thanks!