Friday, January 29, 2010

It's a very Etsy birthday!

My crafty daughter Amy is a big fan of Etsy and an even bigger fan of Bacon! With the help of some gracious fellow Etsians her 10th birthday was Extra Special! Thank you to all who helped bring a smile to her face on her big day! ~sorry for the blurry pic's! For better views of the artists work, I have provided links to their shops under the pic's of their items :)

The CUTEST crocheted Bacon and Egg by janeycrochet:

Awesome crocheted Bacon and Eggs Hat!! by Jwhiz:

Bacon scented candles (with a little Orange Juice) on the side :)

by Kittredge Candles:

Very fun Bacon and Egg Soap by NANASSOAPS:

Totally ADORABLE!! felt playfood breakfast set by: Kid-N Around Creations:

Delicious felted breakfast set by Feltalicious:

"I love you more than bacon" card by DesignDude:

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kid -N Around Creations said...

Happy Birthday Amy!! So glad you like your play food set. I must say that I LOVE your hat!! Very cute and so are you my dear.